Modern Marketing Approaches to Using Brand Ambassadors

Marketers and entrepreneurs are always looking for high-impact, cost effective and creative campaigns outside the constraints of mainstream marketing. In today’s overcrowded and noisy market place, you need to be nimble and responsive to consumer’s needs to get and hold their attention. Professional brand ambassadors are passionate brand advocates who can provide marketing on steroids […]

Avoid Mascot Fails! Why you need a Mascot Performer at your next promotion or event.

The official dictionary definition of a mascot is “an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck.” If you stuff an untrained person into a hot mascot costume, that’s precisely what your audience is going to get. Although terribly amusing to people that are not […]

Why are trade show & exhibition promotional talent so important for your brand?

Why are trade show & exhibition promotional talent so important for your brand? Events are a fantastic avenue for attracting new clients, nurturing existing relationships and creating a buzz about your business and products. Essential to your events’ success is thorough planning. Consider your budget, marketing, timing, and Goals. Think your event through thoroughly from […]

How to get Signed to a Modeling Agency

This article highlights the 3 most important things a model will need before getting signed to a modeling agency. Instead of overwhelming folks with an extremely lengthy article covering 3 important subjects at once, we have organized each of these modeling requirements into their own respective “category”. Each category is filled with tons of in-depth, comprehensive, […]

Casting Call: LA Looks Model Search

Legendary hairstyling brand L.A. Looks recently contacted and asked us to share this with our readers. With such an established brand reaching out, we are happy to oblige and pass this wonderful opportunity along to you! The open casting for models will end on July 31, 2013. Here are the complete model casting details: […]