Elevating Brands at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Australia’s largest ticketed event kicks off soon when almost 1 million visitors will stream through the gates of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

From March 22 to April 2, it’s where city meets country to celebrate Australian culture through a combination of animal experiences, agricultural competitions, shopping, carnival fun and entertainment.

it’s a golden opportunity for retailers. Think of it as a chance to land direct sales, gauge real-time feedback on new offerings, increase brand recognition, and showcase products and services to the nation’s largest audience.

We will talk you through what you need to know along with some marketing tips to ensure you make your presence felt.

Who is the audience?

The event’s main crowd are families with little ones who make up 58 percent of the crowd, mostly in that sweet spot between 25 and 49.

As for where they’re from, around 17 percent are from regional areas, but a whopping 77 percent call Greater Sydney home, especially in the heart of Western Sydney. And here’s the kicker: folks tend to hang around for over 7 hours, soaking up all the animal antics, thrilling rides, shopping sprees, entertainment, and, of course, devouring all the delicious eats.

Having a presence at the show is a smart way to quickly gain credibility and brand awareness for your product or company. So, how can you make sure you stand out in the crowd?

Draw eyes in

There will be over 400 exhibitors attending. A customer’s time is precious, they won’t have time to visit every store – even if the average consumer does spend 7 hours here.

We’ve got the resources and tools at our fingertips to help you stand out. This includes professional spruikers who engage and entertain to high-energy human billboards that draw crowds and our sign wavers who can help direct foot traffic to the right places. Get in touch to chat about how we can help here.

Make a scene and get noticed

Once you’ve got their attention, a high-energy demonstration using your own products seals the deal.

But product demonstration presents unique challenges. This includes preparation for diverse scenarios and audiences, you must also adapt to varying levels of interest, knowledge, and expectations among potential customers.

You can take the stress out of this by engaging with one of our Brand Ambassadors or Product Demonstrators. We’ll do all the prep work and management on the day, so you can engage freely with the crowd, uncovering insights you might have missed directly from your customers.

Appeal to the show’s target audience

We know that most of the crowd will be families. We highly recommend working towards your target audience’s strengths to attract their interest.

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s a mascot.

Brand mascots are proven to significantly impact market share, with campaigns featuring mascots positioned 37% better than those without.

So why do they work?

It allows the customer to humanise a brand while fostering an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression in people’s memories, especially kids. They evoke emotional responses such as laughter, humor, likeability and empathy, which are increasingly vital in today’s competitive landscape.

Our professional character actors are enthusiastic, highly energetic and are also experienced promotions specialists. We will carefully match one of our staff to your mascot’s personality and energy to ensure that you have the perfect representative to bring out the best in your mascot costume and company brand.

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