How to write the perfect brief for promo staff

You’ve put a lot of thought, effort and expense into your event. Whether it be a trade show, product launch, sporting event, street marketing campaign or in store promotion, you want to get the most out of your hard work. You’ve taken the right step engaging a staffing agency; the perfect promo staff are excited […]

An Interview with Fearless Frazer: Talent of the Month

So excited to present our talent of the month. Meet the charming, professional and simply incredible actor and entertainer, Frazer! 34yrs of age and standing at 180cm tall, Frazer is a NSW local with an extremely diverse skillset. He’s bursting with personality and experience as an accomplished actor and director, captivating mascot performer, product demonstrator […]

Social Media Mascot Marketing: Stars of the Social Show

Welcome to part three of our mascot marketing series where we explore social media mascot marketing, and examples of some of the most successful brand mascots. These clever characters not only expertly represent their lucky companies, they have become brands unto themselves.   Geiko Gecko The GEICO Gecko is a lizard with a twitter account, […]

Mascot Marketing Part 2: Face to face promotions

Mascot marketing tips of the trade. If you missed part one which covered creating a brand mascot character, check it out. We have some great notes for the brainstorming board, and a few mascot marketing fails there for a good laugh. Here we’re discussing ideas and tricky tips to help you get the most out […]

Marketing with a Mascot – Creating a Brand Mascot

Creating a brand mascot (well) is not as easy as it may seem. Humour and memorable characters sell. People look more favourably upon a brand if they’re entertained by an enthusiastic and loveable fictional being, rather than being educated by professional and knowledgeable humans. It’s true, a brand character somehow seems more authentic. No one […]

An Interview with Vibrant Victoria: Talent of the Month

We’re very excited to introduce our beautiful team member Victoria as our chosen talent of the month. 165cm tall, 24 year old stunning size 8 Victoria is based in Melbourne, and is an extremely talented and experienced promotions all-rounder. You can spot her entertaining the crowds as a mascot performer, expertly demonstrating products at trade […]

Marketing Tips for a Fresh New 2018 – Start Strategising

Well here we are, another year, another 365 opportunities to elevate our brands and maximise our potential. We all start new years with the greatest intentions; but in small business it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the everyday running (off our feet) of our craft. Of course there are another gazillion new ways to market […]

Christmas in Australia: 11 must do Christmas events

Christmas in Australia is nothing short of spectacular. Sunny summer days (and nights), cold drinks, cool friends, warm family, and endless celebrations. We don’t know of any Aussie city or small country town without a calendar of festive events to enjoy. We’ve put together our top 11 must-do Aussie Christmas events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, […]

Christmas staff smarts: Savvy businesses cash in

Yep, the decorations have appeared…the silly season is upon us. There’s no denying it’s THE hectic time of year. We’ve got the inside scoop on how those in the events, retail and hospitality sectors are capitalising on all the crazy this Christmas. Don the tinsel and get the cash in the bank. With an explosion […]

Experiential Marketing: Innovation at its Best

Experiential marketing takes a creative approach to direct offline engagement with consumers. The strategy focuses on helping consumers experience a brand or product in an immersive way. The best experiential marketing campaigns provide a memorable experience, and form a lasting connection between the brand and consumer. From outside the box product sampling, to memorable activities […]