Christmas in Australia: 11 must do Christmas events

Christmas in Australia is nothing short of spectacular. Sunny summer days (and nights), cold drinks, cool friends, warm family, and endless celebrations. We don’t know of any Aussie city or small country town without a calendar of festive events to enjoy. We’ve put together our top 11 must-do Aussie Christmas events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, […]

Experiential Marketing: Innovation at its Best

Experiential marketing takes a creative approach to direct offline engagement with consumers. The strategy focuses on helping consumers experience a brand or product in an immersive way. The best experiential marketing campaigns provide a memorable experience, and form a lasting connection between the brand and consumer. From outside the box product sampling, to memorable activities […]

Interactive trade show games: Build brand awareness

In a competitive trade show arena it’s a challenge to produce unique exhibition marketing ideas. Interactive trade show games are a tried and tested method. Create a buzz around your booth, and your brand, while helping your trade show staff “break the ice” with consumers. Enhance opportunities for engagement and build brand awareness with some […]

Trade show staff: Gearing up for these fantastic August events

Professional trade show staff are making brands beautiful all over Australia. Objective focused ambassadors, gorgeous and charming models, hilarious mascots and individuals with superior customer service skills are partnering with exhibitors to heighten the trade show atmosphere buzz, and showcase their fantastic products. Event staff can make or break exhibition success in any arena, exhibiting […]

Australian Trade Shows: Elevate Your Presence and Maximise Your Success

Our beautiful country is a diverse mix of innovative businesses, products and services. Equally as diverse is the range of world-class event and trade show opportunities across the country. From fine foods, to fitness, weddings, hobbies, children and technology, if you have a product to present to the nation and even the world, there will […]

First promotional modelling job? 5 Simple tips to help you shine

First promotional modelling job? 5 Simple tips to help you shine Congratulations! You’ve been selected from a talented pool of candidates for your first promotional modelling gig! You’re probably excited to start earning and furthering yourself as a promotional model. This is an industry thick with competition, so a successfully executed job is more than […]

Modern Marketing Approaches to Using Brand Ambassadors

Marketers and entrepreneurs are always looking for high-impact, cost effective and creative campaigns outside the constraints of mainstream marketing. In today’s overcrowded and noisy market place, you need to be nimble and responsive to consumer’s needs to get and hold their attention. Professional brand ambassadors are passionate brand advocates who can provide marketing on steroids […]

Avoid Mascot Fails! Why you need a Mascot Performer at your next promotion or event.

The official dictionary definition of a mascot is “an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck.” If you stuff an untrained person into a hot mascot costume, that’s precisely what your audience is going to get. Although terribly amusing to people that are not […]

Why are trade show & exhibition promotional talent so important for your brand?

Why are trade show & exhibition promotional talent so important for your brand? Events are a fantastic avenue for attracting new clients, nurturing existing relationships and creating a buzz about your business and products. Essential to your events’ success is thorough planning. Consider your budget, marketing, timing, and Goals. Think your event through thoroughly from […]