How to Light Up Your Brand Activation

Various exhibitor booths seen during an exhibition

9 in 10 customers  plan to purchase a product after participating in a brand activation. The numbers seem too good to be true, but that’s the power of creating an experience that sticks.

And while it’s fun to organise, it can be time consuming if you still have your daily workload to take care of. We’re here to take the load off, after all, we specialise in creating memorable brand activations.

We’ll share a bit more on how we can help out below, along with a few examples that inspire us to reach new heights. If you want to get in touch, we’re on 1300 368 969.

What’s a brand activation?

Research shows that people generally need between five and seven impressions to remember a brand.

A brand activation provides a unique and meaningful encounter that boosts awareness and visibility in one shot.

It can happen anywhere, from a summer festival to a local café. The aim is to provide a pop-up event or experience that turns your customer into a brand advocates.

What can we do?

We oversee each part of the process, from initial concepts and brainstorming through to logistics such as planning, staffing and the management of the activation.

It’s about creating a genuine connection between you and your audience, regardless of if it’s an existing product or new one.

A brand activation can take on many forms and people are often unsure if they fall into a category. Here’s just a few areas we specialise in:

  • New product launches
  • Existing product awareness campaigns
  • Product sampling
  • Sponsorship activations
  • Pop-ups
Looking for inspo?

You don’t have to look far to see how a few creative ways that brands deliver consistently engaging brand activations.

Contours Baby

This pram company cleverly tackled the challenge of understanding baby comfort by inviting parents to experience their strollers through adult-sized replicas.

Unsuspecting adults found themselves in these oversized strollers, evaluating ride comfort firsthand.


An American takeaway outlet integrated their presence into the music scene by creating square milkshakes tailored for an Instagram crowd, tying into the hype of Coachella.

Festival-goers could snag these Instagram-worthy shakes for free at Coachella Base Camp, just by posting a pic – a deliciously clever way to blend social media buzz. And why were they square? To match the shape of an Instagram post. It’s a simple, yet creative approach to engagement.

Coco & Eve’s

A busy weekend at Bondi Beach was the perfect backdrop for Coco and Eve to setup a party by the beach.

The beauty product brand handed out goodie bags and samples, all while a DJ blasted tunes from the top of a Kombi van and carts handing out branded coconuts and freshly brewed coffee.

There was a photo wall and a bamboo lounge for those who wanted a more relaxed time. It was the perfect example of a simple strategy delivered perfectly.

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