AMS Promotions Graphic Design: From Ideas to Icons

Graphic designers working behind computers in a spacious office

The legendary Nike ‘Swoosh’ was created by an intern in a little over 17 hours.

It’s now universally embraced by both elite athletes and casual weekend joggers. It’s more than a logo – it’s a testament to the timeless power of design.

It’s so recognisable that it appears without text, transcending language barriers and becoming a globally recognised symbol.

A strong logo fosters a deep psychological connection between a brand and its customers.

Our experience in graphic design spans over two decades. It’s stories like the above get us out of bed in the morning. We keep up with the latest trends so you don’t have to! Read a bit more about what’s on offer below.

We have an in-house team ready to go!

It’s hard to find a new graphic designer for each campaign launch. Our team are ready to be briefed at a moment’s notice and will leave no stone unturned in achieving the best result.

Once we’re briefed, we will explore liked and disliked examples, various logo styles, and competitor strategies. After establishing what direction to take it in, we will mock-up a few designs to show you where our thinking is at.

We’ll then begin the in-depth design process, with our systems ensuring it’s easy to make amendments based on your feedback.

And if you’re a commitment phobe, you don’t need to panic. You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade whenever you fancy.

No task is too big!

Embark on a design journey where avatars come to life, window decals tell stories, and captivating email signatures are born effortlessly.

Business cards become more than just contact details; they become memorable first impressions.

Instagram content becomes an art form, and interactive PDFs turn static documents into dynamic experiences.

Landing page designs become the gateway to your digital world, logos are the visual heartbeat of your brand.

And that’s only a very small snapshot for what we offer. Let your imagination run wild, and let’s turn your concepts into visual wonders!

What’s on offer?

There are a range of different services on offer depending on your deadline.

We understand that time is money in the world of promotions.

Single Graphic Design Task Package

Our Australian-based team of experienced graphic designers can tackle your single design task within 2 business days, starting at $199.95 + GST.  Most importantly, this comes with three revisions and a satisfaction guarantee!

Unlimited Graphic Design Package

We offer Unlimited Graphic Design Packages starting from only $1499 + GST per month.

That’s unlimited everything. Unlimited designs, unlimited revisions, and unlimited brands. It’s perfect if you’re an agency juggling multiple clients, a company with a laundry list of jobs or an entrepreneur seeking consistent, high-quality design without the hassle.

Think of us as your personal design genie on speed dial. You can choose from our Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages, each crafted to cater to your unique needs.

Why us?

Unlimited designs? Tick.

Cancel anytime? Tick. Fast turnaround needed? Tick. Most design tasks can be finished within 2 business days. You’ll have your own dedicated account manager to guide you through the creative maze, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.

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We can help your brand stand out and be recognised in an increasingly competitive world of graphic design.

AMS Promotions is a team of Account Managers, Marketers, Promotions specialists and Graphic Designers. Operating nationally with a pool of over 10,000 beautiful and talented promotional staff and models, we’re driven by exceeding your promotional goals and celebrating your success. Get in touch.

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