A Crash Course in In-Store Sampling

Customers Tasting Sample At Olive Counter

Are you more likely to buy a car after test driving it? Will you buy that jacket if you try it on first? Well, the same thing applies to your product, especially if it’s food!

So how can you give that experience to your customers without them buying the product first? There is a simple solution – in-store sampling.

And the numbers don’t lie – a study of grocery stores in the United States revealed that almost 9 in 10 admitted to buying a food product after sampling it in-store. 

Sounds interesting – so what is it?

Much like wandering through a vibrant garden, in-store sampling invites consumers to stroll through the store, picking flowers and smelling without committing to an entire rose bush.

It gives consumers a memorable first impression. After all, we all know how hard it is to pass up a free product.

And creating a good memory along with the product is a surefire way to increase interest too!

In-Store Product sampling psychology

It’s three main factors that drive the success of this strategy:

  • Risk aversion:  It is a win-win situation for customers. They can try new products without purchasing or any obligation on their end.
  • Reciprocity: By giving out free products, customers tend to feel indebted. They will feel an urge to reciprocate it in the future.
  • Sentiment: With product samples, customers find a chance to smell, taste, and generally experience the product

What are my options?

We offer In-Store Product Demonstrators, who can learn your business inside and out before handing out freebies. Our experienced In-Store Sampling Demonstrators are experts in hooking in your consumers to give them a truly unique showing of your product that will hold their attention and make it a memorable and special experience.

Consumers appreciate the chance to experience, hold or taste your product. It gives you an instant leg up on your competitors and creates a memorable moment that doesn’t cost a cent.

Our In-Store Sampling Demonstrators can also answer questions in real time, to clear up any concerns or provide a point of difference to your sale.

What’s in it for me?

It’s an invaluable chance to get instant feedback on your product. This is a Google review in real time. Customers are more than happy to provide their thoughts in a casual and informal environment.

Choosing In-Store product or food demonstrators shows customers exactly why your product is valuable. During demonstration events, we distribute free product samples and taste testers, giving your product a chance to shine with customers.

Think of it likes an investment that creates a positive impression and helps your product stand out.

This gives you a leg up over your competitors! Another study detailing the retail sector showed a 74% increase over a  20-week period for sales. These are numbers that pure marketing rarely produces.

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