Interactive experiences sell: Put a face to the product

Interactive experiences sell: Put a face to the product

Let’s talk about the power of face-to-face marketing.
Sure, everyone might be glued to their smartphones, and companies gravitate towards social media to get a message out there. But there’s still immeasurable power in putting a face to your product, through an AMS Product Demonstrator.

The Power of Product Demonstrators

If you’re wondering what a Product Demonstrator does, let us fill you in. It’s all about creating a memorable impression through an expert product or food demonstrator who will inform and entertain to draw a crowd in. Once they draw in a captive audience, they’ll complete a high-energy demonstration using one of your very own products. This regularly involves crowd participation, making the audience involved and more likely to leave a positive brand association. And we know that positive brand association sets your business apart. It forms a unique identity for your product. It enhances perceived value, justifying premium pricing and creating opportunities for brand expansion.

Let us take care of it

Leaving your product in the hands of a Product Demonstrator allows you to sit back and observe how your product is received. You can chat more freely with the crowd to understand any pressure points or exciting angles you might not have considered.

Live feedback

Today’s advertising market moves at warp speed. If you want to stay a step ahead, gathering instant feedback on a product is the way to do it. Customers won’t be shy in providing their thoughts in the casual and informal environment a Product Demonstrator helps create. This might even allow you to tinker with a couple of things before distributing more widely. Demonstrators will also have the chance to instantly answer questions, saving customers from long and boring Google searches.

Building trust through word-of-mouth

Product Demonstrators provide the human touch that allows customers to see, feel, and experience in person. Think about it. Are you more likely to buy something if you’ve personally witnessed the quality and benefits firsthand? Such experiences leave a lasting impression, forging a stronger bond between customers and your brand. A compelling product demonstration has the potential to generate powerful word-of-mouth marketing too. When customers have a memorable and positive experience with your product, they are more likely to share their excitement over the water cooler on a Monday morning.

The fun doesn’t stop at the booth

We can all be guilty of short attention spans from time to time. Let’s blame social media for that. So how do you make sure that the consumer experience isn’t over in a matter of minutes? For one, you can create social content for your channels. Send a videographer down and grab some footage and stills. Conduct a couple of vox pops with interested customers. You can even hand out bags of freebies to those who engage with the Product Demonstrator. Everyone loves a freebie, right? Confused? Intrigued? Questions? Our marketing team are more than equipped to help you finetune a strategy here.

How we can help

We have the best Product Demonstrators in Australia at our fingertips. We have thousands of enthusiastic promotional staff with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. The best part is that we will be with you every step of the journey. You will have an Account Manager who will work to make sure you have the best ambassador for your product. We tailor our work towards every customer to net the best results. And this is not all. There are even more ways to place your business front and centre, and we have solutions. We will steer you down the right path for your business.

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