Why are trade show & exhibition promotional talent so important for your brand?

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Events are a fantastic avenue for attracting new clients, nurturing existing relationships and creating a buzz about your business and products.

Essential to your events’ success is thorough planning. Consider your budget, marketing, timing, and Goals. Think your event through thoroughly from start to finish; but remember, you may have the most thought out and well-planned event on paper, but the real success lies in the execution.

A co-operative, well-oiled team, with well-defined roles, is crucial to your event, whether it be a trade show, tasting, demonstration or product launch, sporting event, car or boat show, you will need talented, knowledgeable and professional representation of your brand.

Follow these three-pointers to ensure you have your bases covered in your event staffing.

1. Let your staff shine within their areas of expertise.

Sit down with your staff and clearly define their roles. Be sure to listen to their input and allow them to take on responsibilities within their comfort zone. Don’t expect your staff to take on the role of event professionals. The most bright and bubbly person in your office could well be the most clumsy and bumbling event person.

Once your staff’s roles are defined, fill in the gaps with them and begin to list the number and type of Event staff you may require.

2. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your event and mix with your attendees.

You may know your product to a tee; but do you really know how to execute your event and convert the crowd into customers? Make sure you haven’t put yourself in a position where your eyes and ears are required everywhere.

Consider a professional Event Manager who has the knowledge and experience to organize and oversee all roles, executing an event that will stand out from the rest.

This leaves you the invaluable opportunity to mix, mingle and enjoy the relationship building process that is ultimately the goal of your event.

3. Develop Promotions – Make an impact.

How will you market to your customers when they’re at your Event? Make use of the talented pool of Professional Promotional Staff that are on offer.

Could you benefit from a Mascot Performer? Who can resist a selfie with a Mascot? They can distribute promotional material, collect leads and broaden your reach both during and after the event.

How will you collect your customers’ information and details? Whether with business cards and flyers, or product giveaways and contests, don’t wrap up your event without capturing attendees’ contact information through confident and highly trained trade show & exhibition promotional talent.

It is well known in the industry that companies which cleverly utilize trade show & exhibition promotional talent increase the distribution of promotional materials and heighten customer satisfaction leading directly to increased sales.

Poor staffing levels, training, and service can be a deal-breaker in any event, don’t waste your valuable time and money or risk damaging your brand. Get creative and ensure your clients have a great experience and most importantly, form a connection with your brand.

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