Mascot Marketing Part 2: Face to face promotions

Face to face promotions

Mascot marketing tips of the trade. If you missed part one which covered creating a brand mascot character, check it out. We have some great notes for the brainstorming board, and a few mascot marketing fails there for a good laugh.

Here we’re discussing ideas and tricky tips to help you get the most out of face-to-face marketing with your mascot costume.

Create a clear mascot marketing campaign

If your mascot speaks, write scripts for your performer well ahead of time. Make sure they have clear instructions and objectives outlining what you want to achieve. Try to think ahead and plan other marketing materials you might be able to collect on performance day. Perhaps you want to shoot an entertaining video for your own social promotions, or collect mascot selfies to post using a brand specific #hashtag. Maybe your mascot can run a competition or giveaway to maximise interest from the crowd.

Think about the performer!

If you want your mascot to demonstrate products, make sure they can easily move their hands. Always have them accompanied by helpers. The sunrise cash cow once got chased out of a house by an over-enthusiastic dog (haha) in that instance the crew found it a little bit too funny to lend a hand, deciding to film it live instead.

Your mascot might need some assistance navigating stairs, or being guided around a venue. It’s handy to have a friend nearby if your mascot happens to fall over and can’t get up…like this classic vid. It’s an oldie; but a goody… (at least they kept smiling).

Always use a professional mascot performer

If you’ve thoughtfully created your Mascot’s unique personality, quirks and mannerisms, make sure you have a well-briefed professional performer under the suit. While your staff might know the character best, it can take a lot of practice and skill to master mascot manoeuvres and exaggerated animated gestures. Body language and expressions while in costume can be very difficult for the untrained to achieve. To really woo an audience your mascot needs to confidently strut their entertaining stuff, and expertly stay in character at all times.

Similarly, commanding attention from the RIGHT people in a crowd is not as simple as it seems. Professionals will be well aware of the target audience and ultimate company objectives, while putting on a show to grab and hold their attention. Your performer should have a personality that not only suits your mascot’s personality; but that of your business and brand message.

Connect with people on a less salesy level

Sure there’s a time and place for a mascot to be handing out flyers; but try throwing some more creative engagement techniques in the mix. You want people to fall in love with the character so they have a positive association with your brand. Your mascot should be their own person.

  • Give them a page on your website, and/or their own ‘public figure’ social media page.
  • Print off their own business cards to distribute.
  • Encourage selfies, then lead people to your website to find their photo, and set up social sharing.
  • Have your mascot start an impromptu dance class, or entertaining interactive mime performance.
  • See if you can collaborate with other well-known company mascots to create an act or competition.

If you let your mascot’s own unique personality shine, and people love them, before long you could even consider them an influencer. Don’t miss part three of our mascot marketing series where we explore some incredibly successful company characters who have become stars of social media, and try to dissect why they work so well.

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