5 Ways to Draw Attention at Business Promotional Events

Business is hard yakka, we are observing it’s becoming even more so in the new technology strangled space of B2B. Promotion and marketing is absolutely necessary (as you know) for a business of any size; but it’s a function that can easily become an afterthought amongst all the busyness of the day to day; particularly in B2B.

How many ideas have you not quite had the time to put into action for your business promotional events over the years?

As a forward-thinking proactive prospecting company you probably attend all the nations best industry trade shows and expos to keep your brand front of mind and your competitors close by in market position. Attending these events is no small feat. It’s costly, and for good reason – the opportunity to connect with customers and collaborators looking for YOUR EXACT OFFERINGS are amplified.

Often with limited, well stretched teams, a percentage of your staff is left to hold the fort at HQ, while a select few key salespeople or admin are chosen to hit the floor running with you at the show. It can be very disruptive to the usual flow of business.

Get the most out of your presence at business promotional events

Could you be putting yourself and your team under unnecessary pressure?

We help busy business owners with this challenge every day. Here are our top five tips on how to draw attention and ensure more ROI at your next business promotional event. Whether it be a costly trade show, hosted at your own showroom or store, or an exciting street activation event, making your presence POP with the least disruption to your business is the difference between a busy (yet flat and expensive) promotion, or one that gives your brand wings.

Business Promo Events Need Trained Promotional Staff

This might seem obvious; but we’ve seen many a bubbly fun and knowledgeable company receptionist struggle to shout about a product and grasp the attention in a crowd. Not only is this stressful for them, it’s unproductive for your business.

Likewise, the last thing your top sales staff should be doing at an event is handing out flyers or business cards and trying to glean a conversation, they should be poised and ready to deliver their expertise and help your qualified and hyper-interested leads when they are delivered.

In short…don’t tie your key staff’s hands with event prospecting…they should be busy working on discovery, the beautiful (and very difficult in today’s world) art of selling and capturing details.

So who is delivering this warm flow of leads to your happy promotional door?

Trade Show Hosts for Promotional Events

You don’t need to be at a trade show to need a trade show host. As experts in personal connection with passer’s by, these humans are powerful in any promotional setting. The craft of a trade show host is to first invite, then make people feel at ease in your brand presence. They are personable… non ‘salesly’ and know how to spark a conversation. Ultimately, a good trade show host will connect potential customers with your company, and your team. These beautiful interactions are the perfect stepping stone to deliver a happy, comfortable and engaged lead to your core team, without the stress and overwhelm.

Brand Ambassadors at B2B Promotional Activations

As the art of B2B sales has evolved, so too has the technique of the brand ambassador. In busy promotional settings, the expert brand ambassador not only delivers brand message, flyers, cards, and promotional items, they can TARGET your ideal customers and QUALIFY leads. It’s not about giving away items to anyone and everyone; it’s about delivering your store / booth / showroom / and sales team the best customers suited to your product and/or brand. Brand ambassadors can roam and prospect the floor wherever they may be, all the time on the lookout, ready to tell your story and achieve what is best for you.

Brand Mascot Performers

If your company or products have personality, showcase it! It is HARD to stand out in a crowd and command attention without seeming too sales driven or desperate. Why put your team through that when you can put an athlete in a suit to turn heads and entertain.

While most attendees EXPECT to be ‘sold to’ at a B2B event, they don’t really want to. There is always still the dreaded ‘head turn’ and ‘not looking staff in the eye.’ This is can be demoralising for your exhausted team on their feet all day. Bring some joy to your customers and your team with an uplifting ‘selfie-inducing’ entertainer lighting up your brand.

Product Demonstrators for B2B

The power of being able to see, feel, and experience a product for yourself can’t be denied. It’s the ultimate “Try before you buy” luxury. If you’re in a setting where your competitors are trying to hard sell their products via a brochure or catalogue, you will be worlds ahead if you have a professional demonstration to woo the crowd.

This competition-busting promotional technique can be videoed and applied to all of your marketing channels, not just in person. Facebook live…there is even LinkedIn live now! A major advantage for professionals in B2B.

You can see it right…an attractive and skilled ambassador is demonstrating your product, while your team gets to work answering questions from the crowd and building an everlasting relationship with your brand.

Take The Pressure Off And Reap The Rewards

B2B promotion and advertising in the digital world has become more complex than ever to align with your traditional business and sales model. Your buyers are tech savvy, they can conduct almost all of the research they need online before ever engaging with your team. This makes our face-to-face interactions even more important.

By taking the pressure off your core team with professional promotional staff, you not only appear like you’re on the front foot in your game, you will also have the time to maximise and properly evaluate your business promotional event success, and have room to plan for the next.

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