Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas to Grow Your Shop

Looking for Mother’s Day promotion ideas for your retail store? Good plan! According to the latest research from IBISWorld, Aussie shoppers spent $733 million on Mum’s in 2017, followed by a projected $1.62 Billion in 2019!! We can only assume it will be even more in 2020. That’s a lot of cash up for grabs at $78 per capita to be spent on lucky Mama’s.

As with all of these great opportunities, retailers will be fighting to catch consumer’s attention, so it’s never too soon to plan your Mother’s Day Promotions. Here are some of our best tried and tested Mother’s Day promotion ideas.

Create a 2020 mother’s day gift ideas list

If you sell items guaranteed to make Mum smile, make them easier to promote and for your customers to find them! Group those great Mother’s Day gifts ideas into a Mother’s Day Sale promotion too good to resist. Decorate, create and staff a dedicated area of your store, ensuring you offer samples and demonstrate your great products to catch the eye of passer’s by.

If you have a LOT of items perfect for Mum, consider a pop-up store in a bustling location. Catch that Friday lunch and last-minute Saturday shopping crowd in your purpose-built pop-up just oozing with Mum love.

Create a HUGE Mother’s Day Gift Hamper

One of the easiest retail mother’s day promotions to pull off, you can make a MONSTER gift hamper of goodies for Mum. You can run the promotion for as long as you like and put together a really great prize for relatively low cost. Think pampering and beauty products, manchester and linen, clothing and day spa gift vouchers, candles, wine…MORE wine…and of course chocolate.

Have your beautiful hamper on display and make a big social media splash. Each customer who makes a purchase leading up to Mother’s day go into the draw, and you can also run a social media promotion for entries…

 “Comment in 25 words or less why your Mum’s the best!” And shout it (share it) to the world for your chance to win!

You can also build your email subscription list with an entry form pop-up on your website. Remember to always cross-market your promotions on different media for the most reach and awareness.

While you’re at it, if you do have multiple items that would go well together in a gift pack, bundle them up! Anything you can do to make people’s gift shopping easier is a box ticked.

A food demonstrator setting up a display in a retail store

Product Sampling and Demonstrations

One of the best ways to showcase your product is to let people try it! Set up a station in a high traffic area, or have your gorgeous promotional staff roam the streets. Don’t staff yourself to thin in store by sending one of your team; professional product demonstrators and brand ambassadors have a knack for attracting the attention of the right customers and engaging them in friendly conversation.

More than just giving out freebies, this is a positive and valuable interaction with your brand. If they don’t go on to buy THIS time, they’ll remember your store fondly and are more likely to become a customer in future.


Arrange a Professional Sign Waver

Don’t wait for customers to come in store, go out and get ’em! Sign wavers are a fun and unique way to capture the attention of passer’s by and promote your brand or special offer. Step outside the retail box with this very affordable opportunity to have a professional storyteller behind your brand. If you book an AMS Promotions Sign Waver we’ll even help you with your custom made signage!


Offer Free Gift Wrapping and/or Delivery 

When you’re up against digital stores it’s important to add value to get shoppers in store. People are busy! The more offerings you have that help make their lives easier, the more likely they are to buy. By offering free gift wrapping, gift bags, or delivery, you’re showing your customers that you care. Not only about helping them; but about their Mum too!

Include a branded gift tag with your customer’s purchase. It’s a subtle way to let Mum know where her amazing gift has come from, and where she can go to get it again. 


Discount on Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers

If your store is going to be particularly busy on Mother’s Day, why not run a discount on Gift Vouchers rather than products? Set up a well-staffed Gift Card station offering a $60 voucher for $50 and $125 voucher for $100…or whatever margin you can afford.

Gift cards are valuable for retail stores as people almost always spend more than their balance, and sometimes they accidentally forget to redeem them at all. It’s also advantageous that the person being given the voucher will come into your store; they otherwise might not have if they had simply been given a gift.


Make your store shine in a digital world

As the world of bricks and mortar retail continues to compete with online shopping it’s even more important to connect with your customers through good old personal customer service. Building brand trust and loyalty on a human level is still one of the most powerful ways to reach and retain customers. The digital world is booming yes; but we are still social beings who love to see, feel, touch, or try before we buy, and connect face-to-face with good people.    

Allow our stunning brand ambassadors and promotional models to help you capitalise on Mother’s day and all the annual events that see the masses ‘hitting the shops.’ Supplying smiling helpful and talented faces that your customers will love is what we do best! 

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