Modern Marketing Approaches to Using Brand Ambassadors

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Marketers and entrepreneurs are always looking for high-impact, cost-effective and creative campaigns outside the constraints of mainstream marketing. In today’s overcrowded and noisy marketplace, you need to be nimble and responsive to consumer’s needs to get and hold their attention.

Professional brand ambassadors are passionate brand advocates who can provide marketing on steroids for any product or company. Their talent should not be limited to flyer distribution and costly expos. We hope you find inspiration amid these three modern marketing approaches to using brand ambassadors to boost your brand awareness and elevate sales.

1. Brand Ambassadors for Videos

Visual content is a hard-to-ignore medium. Clever companies have innovated a series of you-tube ads featuring a talented brand ambassador to create informative, humorous, or ‘reality TV’ style campaigns that have become hugely successful and ‘gone viral’ across digital mediums.
Remember the old spice guy? Digital is perfect because you can quickly gauge audience reaction and people are more open to providing feedback. Videos can be shared across most of your marketing channels, often with a much higher success rate compared to the standard TV advertisement and for a fraction of the cost.

2. Position your brand ambassadors and products in high traffic target market areas.

Position brand ambassadors in areas where you’ll find your target market in high concentration. Brand ambassadors will wear/model and demonstrate your products and create a buzz that will gain consumer attention. Be creative, incorporate freebies, prize giveaways or sweepstakes. Recently on the NRL Footy Show, a clever company called Team Uggs who produce Ugg slippers in the various NRL team colors/logos gave each of the panels a pair of Team Uggs. Following the plug to ‘check out their website’ I did just that, to find the website had crashed presumably under the pressure of a high volume of visitors. Not a perfect outcome for Team Uggs; but the campaign clearly had the desired effect capturing the attention of the panel, the shows’ audience and tens of thousands of football fans watching nationwide.

3. Flash Retailing; Brand Ambassador manned Pop up stores

Pop up stores can be anything from a mini cocktail party or restaurant to a temporary retail store. The shops are small and often used by marketers to create a buzz about a new product or build interest in their service or brand. The environment is unique and allows customer engagement in a creative and interesting space which usually results in a greater number of sales. They’re great for testing products, locations, or target markets. The energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism of brand ambassadors give a pop up retail space every chance of enjoying wild success.

With the emergence of Thought Leadership Marketing, creative and pliable content campaigns that can be used across a wide variety of media are paramount in amplifying brand awareness and gaining consumer trust.
Consider brand ambassadors to help engage the high-value clients that are more likely to buy into an informative article, tutorial or helpful demonstration than a standard sales advertisement.

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