EOFY Promotion Tips and Spending for Small Business in 2020

End of financial year is just around the corner already! Whaaat? Yep businesses around the nation are trying to calculate where the year has gone…and how to tidy up the inventory and books by EOFY. It’s also time to plan for the future and map out what the next six months will look like for your business.  

Let’s start July off on the right financial foot! Here are our EOFY promotion tips and spending hacks for tying up loose ends and making the most of this wonderful time of year. It’s almost as crazy as Christmas (possibly even crazier).

These proven, bookkeeper-approved tips can help bricks and mortar, eCommerce and service-based businesses alike get the most out of the EOFY madness (opportunities).

Take advantage of the instant asset tax write-off!

Available to small business with a turnover of under $10 million, this year the Federal Government has announced the instant tax write off threshold has been increased to $25,000. This incentive allows companies to instantly deduct assets that cost less than $25,000 rather than claiming deductions over several years.

You might want to invest in technologies or equipment that can help your business grow and improve productivity. But be careful with your cash flow!

EOFY promotion tips for a killer sale!

Get your stock-on-hand levels under control and those elusive sales targets over the line with an irresistible EOFY sale or event. Make a song and dance about it! Everyone else does!

Do you think there are many customers hunting for full price goods around EOFY? If you’re one of the five retail or eComm businesses in the country who are NOT planning a sale or special offer of some description, you will simply be avoided by savvy bargain-hunting shoppers.

It can be a challenge to cut through all the bright red SALE signs of the world, so you should get creative with your marketing. (Your very tax-deductible marketing!) 😉

Target the right audience and personalise your offerings

Know your audience well and consider what they find valuable. Sometimes a blanket percentage discount storewide is a little uninspiring, especially if you offer a range of products and services that might suit different age groups or demographics. Personalise your offer based on what is important to your customers. You can bundle similar products, or offer an extended discount over a certain length of time to encourage repeat business. Throw in some freebies, or gift your customers with additional support and advice. Your products and services are as unique as your customers are – you’ll stand out from the competition if you put some more thought into your campaign.

Jazz up your store with demonstrations

Whether online or bricks and mortar – everyone loves a product demo! Literally showing your customers how something works, not only helps them imagine themselves using and benefiting from your product, it makes people stop, pay attention and engage. Video your real life demonstrations to use in your marketing for years to come!

Get out amongst it (or where your customers are)

Hit to the streets with promotional staff, product demonstrators, samples, mascots and professional brand ambassadors who know how to create a buzz around a business. You and your staff can concentrate on making the sale a roaring success with fantastic customer service that builds a lasting rapport with your customers.

Make it fun!

At the end of the day, people are looking to purchase something because they enjoy it, or it’s something that will help them solve a problem. If you can make the experience of finding and learning about your business and offer an easy, and enjoyable one – you’re 90% of the way there! If the price is right you’ll be sold! Confidence, enthusiasm, expertise, incredible presentation and the desire to drive positive outcomes will always turn heads in a crowd. The more you can make it fun, entertaining and interactive for your customers, the more attention you’ll get. We know this well, we have the talented, beautiful, amazing staff that do it every day!

EOFY Sale Ideas for Service Based Businesses

Service based businesses don’t have to miss out on capitalising on EOFY sales. You too can offer a discount or valuable service offering that expires EOFY. it’s a great way to book out your calendar in advance. Shout your offerings over social media and have Google send a bunch of interested traffic to your site. For these style of events it’s typically not enough to rely on organic search and posts alone. You can claim the expense of a paid digital marketing campaign across various digital media. On Facebook, video content gets 12x more engagement than image and text posts combined! Leverage Facebook live and get your business out there!  

  • Shoot promotional videos with models and ambassadors
  • Offer discounted service rates or ‘free’ service samples (eg 15 min no obligation consult).
  • Include countdown timers and clear calls to action regarding your offer on your website
  • Investigate Google Advertising, Facebook Ads and remarketing or retargeting
  • Nurture existing customers – hit up your mailing list and offer special rates to loyal customers

If you’re a little camera-shy, professional models and promotional staff can get behind your brand and the lens to shout your offerings from the rooftops! Many people in service-based businesses struggle with marketing and shameless self-promotion, products are sooo much easier to spruik about. Why not let the trained pros strut your stuff and help you draw customers in the right way.

Become part of the tax-deductible frenzy!

But don’t just start spend on stuff that won’t generate a return for your business. Invest your dollars in promotional and marketing opportunities that you can use throughout the year to increase brand awareness and improve your visibility long after the financial year is up. Amp up your digital marketing assets, plan out some in-store or online campaigns, look out for specials and promotions on software products or services that could really streamline your processes.

Remember that marketing, advertising and sponsorship costs are all tax deductible – any claimable expense that can promote and grow your business is a great investment in our book! Maybe there’s a sale on for print materials, branded promotional items. Perhaps if you’re really fortunate, you can find incredible savings on the rates of amazing, talented promotional staff! 😉

We have over 20years collective experience and EOFY promotion tips under our belts. Want to put together a robust end-to-end EOFY promotional marketing campaign? We’d love to help you. Get in touch!

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