Easy Attention-Grabbing Advertising Idea for your Business


The world isn’t short on advertising ideas. Digital marketing, radio ads, TV ads, billboards, emails, catalogues…where do you start…what should you choose! Advertising options are a plenty and it seems your competitors are everywhere. How are you going to command attention and get your brand to shine the brightest?

No doubt you’re amidst planning your End-Of-Financial-Year promotions and trying to make best use of your marketing budget. That’s no small task while you’re still juggling the day to day and getting the books tidy for tax time. This time of year, business owners are susceptible to overwhelm, and it feels like the whole world is advertising everywhere. To rise above the chaos and get your business noticed we have a top attention-grabbing advertising idea to help you get heads turning your way – and it’s simpler than you might think!

Use People! People are a great Advertising Idea!

Or more specifically, a merry band of promotional performers are your secret weapon here. Sidewalk sign wavers are making a resurgence as the world is becoming desensitised to all the automated advertising noise. Don’t you find it refreshing to talk to a real human being about a product or service nowadays? Outdoor advertising and guerrilla marketing are old-school promotional flames that burn brightly in our ad-saturated world.

If you have a particular sale or event coming up and you’re just working out the final touches to really draw in the attention, why not add a bit of fun on your advertising?

Sign Wavers for Promotional Marketing

You want their attention and you want it now! Catch the eye of motorists and passers-by who are in your area. Professional sign wavers create a fun and entertaining buzz around your message. It’s advertising, entertainment and artistic brand expression combined!

Check out one of our sign-wavers below!

How does it work?

We’re inundated with logos, images and advertising messages everywhere we look. When you see something in motion, however, it really catches your eye, and people love it! Vehicles will toot their horn; passers-by will stop to watch. It’s entertainment.

Brand ambassadors and talented sign wavers know how to attract a specific target market and get their attention with motion. The constant moving can obviously obscure the readability of your sign and message; but a focus on attracting attention and striving for a clear call to action will serve your business better. IN STORE NOW, SALE ON TODAY ONLY, $10 LUNCH SPECIAL. Once your sign waver has caught your customer’s attention, they need to know what your offer is, and how to follow through.

3 Hot Tips for your Sign Waving Campaign:
  1. Please don’t send your staff out on the street corners to be a human billboard! Keep in mind there are risks if you use your own employees. You’re best to hire professionals through an agency who have the appropriate insurances in place.
  2. Supercharge your campaign with a mascot costume! This is a double whammy of eye-catching promo. People walking by love a mascot selfie, and where do they love to post selfies? Social media! Get your sign online without the need for additional digital advertising.
  3. Have a brand ambassador nearby. While your sign waver is busy entertaining the world, a professional brand ambassador can engage with your audience and further spruik your brand and offerings.

The best advertising idea for your next promotion – professional promotional staff waving signs! How easy, yet clever is that? It’s easy to get caught up in the complicated world of marketing funnels and strategies. Sometimes the best campaigns come from simplifying our message and focusing on what customers enjoy. Who doesn’t love being entertained, and engaging with a brand in a fun and memorable way?  It’s the perfect recipe for a good old impulse purchase.

So, don’t leave your advertising sitting still – leave that up to your competition 😉

A sign waver holding a large arrow sign while wearing a bright red morph suit during an event

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