Tips for promoting your start-up

Starting a new business is equal parts exciting and inspiring as it is daunting and stressful. When it comes to promoting your start-up, where do you start? There are many challenges to turning hopes and dreams into a viable and prosperous venture. We love to hear of modern start-up success stories, which in this digital age can be monumental and literally globe-changing. Think Facebook, Uber and Airbnb. They all had to start somewhere, and many experienced stumbles and failures along the way. The entrepreneur will keep pushing, adapting and overcoming until they find the golden ticket to unlock the potential of their whacky ideas.

Thanks to technology and a new era of outside box thinkers we’re experiencing a start-up boom. Which brilliant idea will shine brighter than the next? And how do you overcome the problem of testing the market and promoting your start-up with little-to-no income? Attracting investors and/or growing your business solo can take some time and a whole lot of effort and perseverance.

Will the public like your start-up idea?

You’ve run it by your family and friends, and everyone (besides your ever-pessimistic cousin Joe) LOVES your idea. They’re giving you all the encouragement in the world and you’ve had a few daydreams about what life will be like when you’re a millionaire. But when you float back to Earth you might worry whether the public are going to like it. Is it really a good idea?

Before you have an actual business to market you have a concept to promote. Defining your target market down to a tee is the key to testing the waters with a measurable result. Many start-ups make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone; not only is that impossible, it makes it difficult for you to really refine and define your brand to appeal to a specific demographic. When it comes to advertising and marketing your business, a well defined niche and target market is much more efficient. Create your buyer persona down to what they love to watch on Netflix, then it’s time to present them with your biz.

Investigate business and start-up grants

There are a variety of grants, assistance and support resources to begin or operate your business. With help in a broad range of categories you might be eligible for a low-interest loan, or a tax and tariff concession. Business grant categories include:

  • Starting a Business
  • Marketing and sales
  • Taking your idea to market
  • Importing or exporting
  • Buying equipment
  • Employing people
  • Expanding and diversifying

Promoting your start-up to your target market

Digital marketing is of course going to be pivotal to promoting your business; but before you spend thousands developing an online presence, you should engage in face to face promotional activities. When you can see people’s expressions, observe their body language and get direct and immediate feedback from your target, you can better gauge the likelihood of your success. If you begin with promoting your start-up online and it’s not well received, you’ll be met with silence, and little indication of what you could do to improve.

Hit the streets in areas your buyers are prevalent

If your demographic are uni students, then at the gates is where you should be. Perhaps your customers like to hang at trendy cafes or hit the public transport after work. Find your buyers and offer them a free trial, sample or demonstration of your product in exchange for their honest feedback. Customer insight at this stage is the most valuable promotional tool.

Get online and create killer content

If your target is loving what you’re offering, and you know you’re onto something, it’s now time to get yourself online. Join relevant Facebook groups and develop a social presence across the ideal channels where your buyers are most frequent. Build an arsenal of digital content. Construct a website or begin with a blog and create killer content to drive SEO. Begin to build a mailing list and form a brand community. Effective content marketing is time consuming and constant. Consumers want quality images, explainer videos, product demonstrations, and informative and helpful blog posts. They also want to fall in love with your brand story, your values, mantra and personality.

Experiential activation’s and pop up shops

Experiential marketing campaigns are a powerful strategy. Great for brand awareness and you can be as creative as you wish with an experiential activity. This is about interacting with your customers in a meaningful way and leaving them with a memorable lifestyle experience connected to your product and brand. Cross promote this immersive experience on social media incorporating a photo contest or #hashtag.

Expos, trade shows, market stalls and events

Once your brand is gaining traction and your online presence is building, a space full of people with an interest in your industry is a great place to be. Your potential customers are not limited to the public, chat to other stallholders and like-minded companies, you never know when a valuable partnership or collaboration could arise.

How do you conquer all of this without an army?

Hire army members only when you need them.

When you’re not yet at the stage of hiring a permanent team, all of the above is an impossible task. You are going to need professional help to get you through the early promotional stages. Promotional staff are a valuable investment for a start-up. Experts at sniffing out and attracting your ideal customers they are highly trained at providing people with a positive and memorable brand experience.

A talented brand ambassador can be by your side whenever you need them to help you distribute samples or promotional materials and engage with the right people in a crowd. If you’re a little camera shy, promotional models are perfect for digital content assets such as demonstration videos, product modelling, live streaming behind the scenes footage, or narrating your experiential marketing activities.

Expo and trade show hosts take the strain out of what can be a draining few days on the trade-show floor. Exuding enthusiasm and energy, they’re hellbent on helping you reach your objectives. Whether it’s to collect email subscriptions, make sales or simply show off your goods, they know how to entertain and win over the masses.

If you really want to draw attention to yourself, hire a Mascot performer. Particularly effective at trade shows, events and experiential activities, a bubbly brand character will have your customers smiling, selfie-ing and promoting your start-up all over social media.

We help businesses every day

Whether it’s a one-off engagement for a particular event or ongoing regular promotional activities, AMS Promotions are here to help. We were a start-up too once! We know exactly what it’s like, and what it takes. Helping to build brands and businesses is our passion, and what we do best.

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