The why, when and how of street marketing

Street marketing is really the oldest form of promotion. Before newspapers, radio, TV and all modern media, traders took to the streets to promote their wares and hunt down their customers.

Today, street marketing is considered somewhat unconventional, and in many ways innovative. Clever campaigns are making massive strides in boosting brand awareness in a fun and interactive way, by engaging directly, and personally with consumers.

We’re not talking about shy kids politely asking if you’d “like a flyer”. Street marketing has evolved into well thought out, and exciting leverage for a brand or product.

Why choose street marketing?

Street marketing campaigns are memorable. They’re an opportunity to make a lasting one-on-one impression. Not only can your professional promotions team target specific personas, they can maximize social media opportunities, and create hype around your brand, products, and services.

Also often referred to as Guerilla marketing, successful campaigns take clever planning. It’s a highly cost-effective marketing option for small business and should generate qualified leads and conversions quickly and efficiently.

When should you consider a street marketing campaign?

Campaigns perform best when you have something specific to promote. You must have a very clear goal and vision for what you want to achieve from your campaign.

  • A unique idea or startup
  • New product launch or grand opening
  • Products where you can provide samples
  • Sales or special events
  • Promotion of anything in the entertainment industry
  • Items where you can provide demonstrations
  • Promotional material to distribute
  • Competition prizes or giveaways
  • The launch of a new app or interactive products

How to create a killer street marketing campaign

Professional Promotional Staff

Don’t put the pressure of street marketing squarely on your own staff’s shoulders. Professional promotional teams know how to draw the right crowd. They can hold their attention and lead them to where you want them.

Body language, choice of words, focus on objectives, and the art of engagement with the target. These are all imperative ingredients in the recipe for conversions.

Fun, engaging and clever campaign choices

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to be ambushed and intercepted as we walk down the street. Hopelessly trapped in an awkward and long-winded sales pitch as you try to sidestep your accoster. People want to be entertained, engaged and informed. They want to CHOOSE to participate. Put on a show and try some unique street team marketing campaign ideas to draw them in.

  • Entertaining brand mascot performers
  • Selfies, social mentions, live streaming, and competition campaigns
  • Run irresistible contests or giveaways
  • Interactive games and free sample distribution
  • Pop up shop with exclusive sale prices
  • Flash mobs or live performances
  • Product demonstrations, including interactive live app demos

Clear audience targeting and campaign goals

Granny doesn’t want a cocktail voucher at a hot new venue (or does she?) Ensure your street marketing staff are clear on the target audience. They must understand the campaign goals, so they can qualify a return on your investment, and focus to render your campaign a success.

  • Number of email sign ups
  • App download objectives
  • Number of competition entries
  • Target social shares or mentions
  • Target samples distributed
  • Amount of items sold

Plan meticulously and have fun with it!

Location, location, location. Your street marketing space needs to be in an area where your target market frequents, at times when traffic is high. Try not to step on toes (no standing outside a competitor’s pie shop giving away free pies). Be sure you have the required permission and/or permits. Remember you may also need a bad weather backup plan.

Most importantly, have fun with your campaign, your street marketing staff and your audience. A happy and excited brand will attract a happy and excited consumer. We hope you enjoy the process and reap the rewards.

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