Promotional Models: The new face of online stores

Promotional Models are the new face of online stores. As bricks and mortar are rapidly giving way to online retail stores, competition is rife in the booming digital industry.

While the concept seems easy with DIY Shopify and e-commerce websites, Facebook stores and eBay, it is as important as ever to set up shop with the same care and promotional consideration you would give to a kerbside store. If your brand and products are not well presented you will struggle.

Streamline your brand

With sites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer you can have a very professional logo designed for a fraction of the cost you may assume. Consider running a competition where you may have several designs to choose from. Keep in mind you will need an icon style design that will be easily recognized and display well as an online profile pic. Your website or store colors should be complementary to your logo and your brand logo should appear on all product promotional photos. Keep it fresh and simple, you want your products to shine on the page and not be overwhelmed by the surrounding design.

Consider your target market when choosing your logo. Young and trendy buyers are not going to resonate with a boring corporate design and vice versa.

Professionally present your products with Promotional Models

You might have a fabulous product; but if it’s not well photographed and doesn’t make the viewer “feel” like they need it, it will be overlooked. You need to build trust with your digital buyers. Unlike bricks and mortar store, your customers can’t touch or try on your products, so it has to LOOK amazing on screen. A professional promotional model will have the skill to showcase your wares with the dazzle of those in a magazine spread. To really make your products shine, you need that gorgeous person to showcase them and catch the eye of your buyers. A handbag on its own is just a bag, it’s difficult to weigh up the size or “picture” yourself with the product. When a beautiful promotional model is flaunting the handbag, it becomes a must-have accessory.

Capitalise on social media trends and adverts

Video advertising is booming on Facebook, where you can start affordable campaigns targeted to your buyers. Promotional models can expertly shoot product demonstrations and explainer videos. Consider a promotional model for a live streaming campaign to promote a new product or giveaway.

We understand when setting up an online store you may not have a huge amount of capital to put up for photography and professional models. At AMS Promotions we have a nationwide extensive pool of talented individuals. Businesses often request the same models repeatedly as their product lines and promotional needs grow. Perhaps you could start with a few of your best sellers or those you predict will be the most popular and stagger your promotional expenses in line with your business growth.

Many online stores have the luxury of being able to track their clicks and visitor behavior. If you’re generating leads that are not converting to sales, there’s something amiss with your site navigation or how your products are being showcased. Give yourself the greatest chance of success by putting your best, most beautiful foot forward from the onset. Contact AMS Promotions for a quote or some friendly advice, we love great business ideas and helping our clients grow is our idea of success.

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