Post COVID-19 No-Contact Business Promotions


The AMS team are delighted to be returning to promotional staffing and event planning after a very long holiday that none of us were expecting. 

If there’s one thing we all love as Aussies it’s a celebration or gathering. Whether it be the thrill of sporting matches, expos and trade shows, private functions, business promotions and conferences…our way of life was gathering in crowds and sharing experiences. It was quite the shock when that was suddenly stripped away, and the only gatherings were in the toilet paper aisle!


We understand everyone is feeling a little COVID-fatigued, so won’t harp on about the virus; but it certainly impacted the world of hospitality and events, and it’s likely it could be forever changed to some degree.

What did we do in lockdown?

We spent our time in lockdown communicating with, and supporting our customers…a vast number of whom had their operations shut down; all plans for an exciting 2020 and beyond now changed. 

Working from home was quite the experience…

It has been important to us that we looked for solutions that will help our customers ‘get back to business’ in the safest and most sensible way possible. So, what will business promotions and events look like post-COVID?

No Contact Promotions: Our New Normal   

For businesses emerging from the rubble of this pandemic, we’ve been working on ways to help you resurrect your promotional campaigns safely. Many business models have changed, messaging has changed, the way we typically operate has changed. It’s important to get these messages across to your customers…but in new ways.

Leveraging Technology for Business Promotions

Getting your info out there

Good old flyer distribution might be a thing of the past. Our Brand Ambassadors are now equipped with tablets to collect contact details and email or message digital flyer’s, offers and promotional materials. This system avoids person-to-person contact, saves on hefty printing costs and is also better for the environment. Win win. 

Trade show scanners 

You know the big show-bag of business cards you would collect at a trade show? Today’s next-gen system is barcode and QR code scanners for lead generation. Collect and safely store digital data for follow up…that won’t sit forgotten in a drawer after the event. 

What about Promotional and Marketing Staff?

No contact promotions
  • Our stunning promotional models and ambassadors make gloves and face masks look like the latest fashion….But in all seriousness all of our team members are across social distancing and staying home if they’re feeling even slightly unwell. 
  • Custom face masks and gloves can even be branded to your unique business. 
  • The much-loved mascot performer cuddles and high-fives have been replaced by 1.5m distance selfies with fans; but the entertainment value of a talented brand mascot remains the same.
  • Foot-pedal operated hand sanitiser stations are all the rage at venue entrances and exits. As part of our event-management service we can help you arrange these, complete with hospital-grade sanitiser. 

Thinking Big on the Road to Recovery

Now is the time to become creative with our offerings and promotions. Develop fresh new ideas that keep our staff and customers safe, and business recovery on the rise. 

Keep in mind many businesses have been unable to survive, meaning there could be greater market share potential out there. Flinging open those doors and hitting the ground running will help you make the most of the up-tick.

3 Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia


What Should You be Considering Now?

  • What can you do to help your customers right now? Online orders? Loyalty or rewards programs? Memberships and specials? Free delivery? 
  • What can you do to help your customers support you? Keep communicating with your tribe even if you haven’t reopened. It shows them they’re valuable even if they can’t spend their dollars with you. 
  • What other businesses can you work in collaboration with?  
  • What affordable promotions and marketing campaigns can you embark on to get your message out there? We’re still here…and here for our customers!! 
  • What Government grants and/or financial support are you eligible for?
  • How can you amp up your digital presence and pivot your business to offer more online?

Explore your Financial Relief Options

State and Federal Governments have implemented a number of support and stimulus packages for business to help workplaces plan and recover. 


Stay Positive for the Future

While the initial panic has largely subsided, there’s still a degree of uncertainty and anxiety for what the future holds. It’s imperative to show support to your customer base, and your community as restrictions continue to ease and we come back to life. 

Frightening as it is, a crisis provides all businesses with an opportunity to increase market share if you’re savvy, adaptable and forward-thinking. Whatever your business is doing, make sure it’s being shouted from the rooftops and through all your promotional channels. The team at AMS Promotions look forward to helping you do just that. 

As we hit the reset button on what has been a testing year, we’re feeling positive about our new norm, and a bright future for resilient Australian businesses.

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