Mascot Minders: The Not So Silent Achievers

Event-goers are no doubt drawn to the light-hearted antics of a talented and entertaining mascot performer. A larger-than-life comical character to represent your brand, sporting club or event theme…who wouldn’t want a selfie with that! 

While mascots grasp and hold the attention of the crowd (young and old) there’s a very special wing-person or two in their shadow that are essential to the success of your promotional campaign. The not-so-silent achievers…mascot minders!

What is a Mascot Minder?

While your energetic and professional mascot looks like they’ve got it all under control, performing smoothly in a hot and heavy suit with minimal visibility is no easy task. Have you ever tried to give out goodies and promotional material wearing Panda paws? Or look down to find stairs when your neck doesn’t bend forward?

How about trying to walk on ice in a bear suit for a commercial… (watch till the end, you won’t regret it)

Mascot minders act as the voice, ears, eyes and guide of your mascot, crucial to their safety, and helping them achieve their best performance. As avid brand enthusiasts, mascot minders operate with your promotional campaign in mind, as they expertly guide your mascot to success while achieving your marketing goals.

  • Coordinate photos and interactions with your audience
  • Distribute marketing and promotional materials
  • Act as the voice of your silent character (think Humphrey Bear)
  • Physically and verbally guide your mascot ensuring safety and optimal performance
  • Ensure the safety of the public during mascot antics
  • Engage with, and assist the public with any questions about your brand or event

The Mascot Performer’s Best Friend


Attentive to your mascot’s needs and that of the crowd, mascot minders help support and inject life into your brand and character. How does your acrobatic and athletic spokes-creature always know the best time to do a backflip or bust a move? Why did they turn to acknowledge a quiet, yet adoring little fan outside their peripheral vision? Now you know.

While the mascot minder looks like they’re in the background handing out flyers, they are integral to a mascot’s performance. An unbreakable bond throughout your event, your mascot and minder will often have secret hand signals and on-brand secret codes, so your audience are none-the-wiser to their actual communications. 



So, while it’s always the enthralling mascot that gets the credit in a seamless and interactive promotional performance. Let’s give a shout out to the hard workers on the wings, our Mascot Minders, the not-so-silent achievers.


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