Interactive trade show games: Build brand awareness

In a competitive trade show arena it’s a challenge to produce unique exhibition marketing ideas. Interactive trade show games are a tried and tested method. Create a buzz around your booth, and your brand, while helping your trade show staff “break the ice” with consumers.

Enhance opportunities for engagement and build brand awareness with some of these proven trade show game ideas.

Before you invest time and resources, be sure to check the guidelines of the event organiser’s, and the venue carefully. In many cases you may need a permit for promotional lotteries, equipment and games of chance.

Social Media #Hashtag prize competitions

Extend your reach beyond the trade show floor and build brand awareness across social channels. Encourage people to take a creative photo at your booth; mascot performers are the perfect selfie companions and/or assorted props. Of course you’ll also need an attractive prize pool.

To enter the contest, participants need to upload their photo to social media using your chosen #Hashtag. Leverage the hashtag of the exhibition in your entries as well as a catchy, brand specific and SEO friendly hashtag for your contest.

Promote your Hashtag prize comp frequently in the lead up to the event and ensure it is included on all marketing materials, banners and flyers.

Check out this example of an expo social media competition by #TravelExpo.

An individual exhibitor will benefit from including the event hashtag “#TravelExpo” and your own tag eg. “#AMScontest” in the entry requirements. For example, “#AMScontest at #TravelExpo.”

Announce the winners on social media and continue to promote the success of your #hashtag campaign long after the event.

Prize wheel: an oldie but a goodie

Prize wheels do attract attention, especially with the assistance of a beautiful promotional model. This classic game is a swift and easy way to get hold of attendee contact details, and much more effective than simply handing out promotional materials.

Ask participants to hand over their business card or email address and step right up to spin the wheel for a multitude of prizes. A decent cash or major prize is a great drawcard, followed by product samples and useful, good quality promotional items relevant to your brand. You can include some amusing booby prizes such as a tissue or a Band-Aid; but let them spin again.

Here are some promotional items ideas for your brand. As a general guide, make sure your prizes are something you would want to keep yourself.

Industry Trivia

Everyone loves to flex a bit of knowledge. Arm your trade show staff with some trivia questions about your brand or industry. While people are enjoying participating, they’re also learning about your brand or product. Booby prizes for incorrect answers encourage more participants and a lighter atmosphere.

While relatively easy to arrange, a trivia game can at times be difficult to sell to the public, a professional promotions team will know how to encourage and engage participants.

Arcade style trade show games

All participants receive a prize. Choose a pen, stress ball, USB (pre-loaded with some of your brand information) or whatever small branded promotional items suit your business. Your game could be anything from a carnival style attraction, to a small basketball and hoop (how many can you sink in 30 secs) or simply throwing ping-pong balls into glasses.

Display a leader board, and whoever is on top at the end of the day wins the major prize. Collect names and email addresses, and encourage people to post their triumphs on social media using your Hashtag.

There is an abundance of fantastic trade show games and event hire equipment that can be adapted to compliment the event, and your brand.

  • Cash grabs
  • Inflatable darts
  • Prize safes
  • Treasure chests
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Lucky keys.

Investigate them all, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Let’s face it, we’re all fairly sick of trying to guess how many lollies are in the jar. Give yourself every chance of success by ensuring you’ve put sufficient pre-expo promotion into your trade show games efforts. People want to be entertained. Attracting participants to your booth through games and competitions, allow your staff more chances to engage and interact with your prospects in a memorable way.

Maximise your opportunities with the right team on your side, and you will reap the rewards.

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