How to get Signed to a Modeling Agency

This article highlights the 3 most important things a model will need before getting signed to a modeling agency. Instead of overwhelming folks with an extremely lengthy article covering 3 important subjects at once, we have organized each of these modeling requirements into their own respective “category”. Each category is filled with tons of in-depth, comprehensive, and authoritative information on the subject. The link to each category can be found after its’ definition.

Let’s begin:

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Requirement # 1: A modeling portfolio. “What is a modeling portfolio?”
Definition: A modeling portfolio is an array of images that will be used to present yourself to potential clients, to modeling agencies, at casting calls, and at go-sees. The images contained in your portfolio must be high-quality, professional photographs. This is your first impression to the modeling industry. You’ll want to make sure that it is a top-notch collection which showcases your potential and variety as a model.

For our detailed, in-depth “Modeling Portfolio” section, Click Here. This section includes: how to build a portfolio, types of pictures to include (and which to leave out), how to find photographers, how to get solid images, how to print these images, and much more!

Requirement # 2: Comp cards. “What is a comp card?”
Definition: A comp card is an essential item for any model seeking agency representation. You may also hear the expressions ‘zed card’ or ‘composite card’ in place of “comp card”, but they are synonymous; they all describe the same thing. Comp cards are an important (and useful) tool for models, so this is a step that should not be skipped.

To view our expansive and in-depth “Comp Card” section, Click Here. This section includes: the importance of a comp card, acceptable comp card formats, guidelines on which photos to include, which information is required, where to get them printed, how many you will need, and much more!

Requirement #3: Perseverance. “What is perseverance?”
Definition: This is a learned craft that makes use of dedication, determination, motivation, confidence, and stamina. While it may seem obvious that you are going to have to “try” in order to become a model, the art of perseverance goes far beyond just the act of “trying”. This is an essential requirement in modeling, one that MANY models overlook entirely- which may help explain why so many models never succeed.

To read our “Perseverance and Encouragement” section, Click Here. This section includes: How to train your brain to persevere, why it’s important to fail, techniques to mentally prepare yourself for pitfalls, how to handle rejection and press on, knowing when to quit or when to keep going, inspiring quotes and articles, and much more!

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