How do I get into Modeling? We have 10 Articles to get you started!

Have you ever looked at the models on the runway or in the magazines and wondered, “How do I get into modeling?” Fortunately, there is an abundance of modeling advice on the internet that is able to address your question (, for example, in addition other legitimate model advice websites). In an effort to remain impartial and bring you the most diverse scope of reliable modeling information possible, we here at Model Mentors have decided to shine the spotlight on a few of these other websites. The sites we have included are full of great advice and articles on how to get into modeling, so be sure to poke around the rest of their respective websites if you enjoyed their article(s)!

As promised, here are 10 articles that will address many of your “How do I get into modeling” questions and concerns! Check them out below:

  1. “How to Model” – Who wouldn’t benefit from modeling advice given by FORD Models’ Director of Scouting? This is an excellent guide for getting started in the modeling industry.
  2. “How to Be a Model: Insider Secrets From a Modeling Agent” – Another wonderfully informative article, with modeling advice being given out by a modeling agent for L.A. Models.
  3. “How do I get started as a Model?” Written by a professional photographer, this is a lengthy and very informative modeling resource for ALL aspiring models:
  4. “How to Become a Pro Model” – An in-depth, practical, and useful article, also written by a professional photographer. He includes a few of the modeling websites that he recommends throughout the article.
  5. “How to Become a Fashion Model” – An honest and direct article for aspiring fashion models. Includes contact information for modeling agencies in NY and Paris.
  6. “Modeling Tips, How To Become A Model” – A brief but informative article; also includes their Top 10 Modeling Tips, which are useful to all models.
  7. “How To Start Your Modeling Career” – A continuation of their “Models 101″ column, this modeling article from includes the chronological steps necessary to start a modeling career.
  8. “How Do You Break Into Modeling?” – Solid advice on breaking into modeling, as well as FAQ’s.
  9. “Basic Tips on Modeling” This particular article is written by a model herself! Great tips from an insiders point of view.
  10. “Tyra Banks’s Modeling Tips” -Advice from legendary supermodel Tyra Banks! Need we say more? Not only does this article feature advice from Tyra about getting started in the modelling industry, it also features model posing advice, as well as ways to work with your flaws! Great  read.

How Do I Get In Modeling

There you have it! We hope you found plenty of useful modeling information with the help of these articles and their respective authors! Please feel free to leave us a comment – whether you have further questions or an article link you would like to share with the rest of us, we would love to hear from you!