EOFY Tips and Tricks 2024

With the end of the financial year quickly approaching, its time to plan what the coming months will show for your business. Its time to work out where the last year has gone and get ahead for the next one.

Jumping straight into July with the right EOFY promotion tips and hacks is the best way to make the most of the craziness this time of year holds for everyone.

These proven, bookkeeper-approved tips can help businesses get the most out of the EOFY madness (opportunities).

Take advantage of the instant asset tax write-off!

Available to small business with a turnover of under $10 million, this year the Federal Government has announced the $20,000 instant tax write off has been extended by a further 12 months until 30 June 2025. This incentive allows companies to instantly deduct assets that cost less than $20,000 rather than claiming deductions over several years.

You might want to invest in technologies or equipment that can help your business grow and improve productivity. But be careful with your cash flow!


EOFY promotion tips for a killer sale!

Looking to meet those sales targets? Why not organise an enticing sale or event to wrap up the EOFY with a bang. Consumers will be hunting for the best sale or special offer so why not throw your hat in the ring.

Avoid getting lost in the sea of red Sale signs with a new and creative way to get your business out there. Keep reading to see how we can help with your tax-deductible marketing.

Target the right audience and personalise your offerings

Knowing your target demographic is an important aspect of marketing your business. Sometimes a generic sale just isn’t enough to grab the attention of your consumers. Adding a personalised touch can help to make your business the top pick of the long list of EOFY sales. Often adding in some freebies with your most popular products or an extended discount can draw in the consumers and ensure some repeat business.

Entice consumers with in store demonstrations

Don’t be afraid to simplify. Going back to basics and demonstrating to your customers exactly how your service operates can allow them to imagine themselves using it as well. This approach instantly grabs attention, especially if your demonstration is in store. Don’t just rely on your discount stickers on the shelves when an experienced product demonstrator can be nearby to show the customers first hand what they’ll be buying, and answer any questions.

EOFY Sale Ideas for Service Based Businesses

Service based businesses don’t have to miss out on capitalising on EOFY sales. You too can offer a discount or valuable service offering that expires EOFY. it’s a great way to book out your calendar in advance. Shout your offerings over social media and have Google send a bunch of interested traffic to your site. For these style of events it’s typically not enough to rely on organic search and posts alone. You can claim the expense of a paid digital marketing campaign across various digital media. On Facebook, video content gets 12x more engagement than image and text posts combined! Leverage Facebook live and get your business out there!

  • Shoot promotional videos with promotional  models and brand ambassadors
  • Offer discounted service rates or ‘free’ service samples (eg 15 min no obligation consult).
  • Include countdown timers and clear calls to action regarding your offer on your website
  • Investigate Google Advertising, Facebook Ads and remarketing or retargeting
  • Nurture existing customers – hit up your mailing list and offer special rates to loyal customers

Often it can be hard to get involved with the shameless self-promotion required to be heard amongst the crowd. Why not hire some trained professionals to do it for you. Our promotional staff are experienced with telling everyone all about your amazing business. You can relax knowing your consumers will learn all about your EOFY offers.

Become part of the tax-deductible frenzy!

Why not invest now in your promotional marketing needs for the financial year and get involved in the tax-deductible frenzy. Planning some campaigns and promotion opportunities leaves you ahead for the next EOFY, leaving you feeling smug during the usual rush. Leave it to AMS Promotions to increase your brand awareness.

Remember that marketing, advertising and sponsorship costs are all tax deductible – any claimable expense that can promote and grow your business is a great investment in our book! Maybe there’s a sale on for print materials, branded promotional items. Perhaps if you’re really fortunate, you can find incredible savings on the rates of amazing, talented promotional staff!

We have over 20years collective experience and EOFY promotion tips under our belts. Want to put together a robust end-to-end EOFY promotional marketing campaign? We’d love to help you. Get in touch!

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