Corporate Golf Day Essentials


Get out of the office and enjoy some fun in the sun on a corporate golf day your clients and hard-working team will never forget. Whether for a charity fundraiser, a team building event, or to treat and impress your best clients, here are our top tips to help make your corporate golf day a smashing hole in one.

While a round of golf seems simple enough, there’s a lot to think about to really make the most out of your event. From branded promotional materials, to prizes and games, and all-important booze and food, we have the know-how to ensure your golf day out-drives the competition. 

Planning Your Golf Day

Plan and invite your golfing guests well in advance. If your event is open to the public or you’re inviting clients or suppliers, they’re going to need plenty of notice to arrange a half day off work. Always have a contingency plan should your event be washed out by poor weather, An undercover driving range, or indoor mini golf always make a good plan B.

If you’re planning a charity or fundraising golf day, it might be beneficial to arrange transport so you can get the most out of your food and beverage sales. 

Charity Golf Days

Golfing for a good cause? You can offer local businesses different tiers of sponsorship and hold fundraising raffles throughout the day. You can ask a player registration fee, and organise custom merchandise for your tournament. This might include golf shirts, hats, visors and balls. Sell your merchandise prior to the event on your website, and/or have it available for sale on arrival.


Hold a mega raffle. Again, you can build this in to your sponsorship packages and ask your sponsors to donate prizes for your fundraising raffle. Raffle tickets can be sold before and during the game for the winner to be drawn at the prize presentation ceremony.

Golf Day Hostesses

Presentation and organisation is everything at a golfing event. Whatever your style, whether casual or formal, stunning golf day hostesses are a must. Professional hostesses and brand ambassadors can help promote your event before, during and after the event. Boost ticket sales and raise awareness of your company and your big day.


The popular choice for golf tournaments, our hostesses know their way around a course, distributing marketing merchandise to players and spectators. On your corporate golf day these friendly and professional smiling faces can ensure no-one goes hungry (or thirsty) and all your branded promotional material is thoughtfully distributed. 

On your fundraising or charity events, the hostess with the mostest will ensure every raffle ticket is sold and all prizes are lovingly delivered to your happy golfers.

Team Building Golf Day Ideas

If you’re treating your staff to a fun afternoon of golf, it’s likely they’ll be of mixed golfing ability. A fun alternative to the standard is to divide your staff into fair teams for a friendly Ambrose. This format is enjoyable for all standards of golfers and used in the vast majority of corporate golf days.

Each player in a team tee’s off as normal, then the best shot is chosen. Each player then hits their ball from the point of the best chosen shot, and this continues until the ball is in the hole. One score is recorded on each hole – the sum of the best shots used. Easy! 

Ambrose promotes teamwork as every player has a fair chance of contributing to the team score.


Golf Day Prizes and Promotional Materials

If your company sells products you can create your own prizes! Alternatively, food and wine hampers always make a great gift for your lucky attendees. Your fundraising event might be sponsored by local businesses who can donate prizes as part of their sponsorship package. Don’t forget to arrange fun spot prizes for stellar shots such as the longest drive (men and ladies) and ‘closest to the pin’ on a particular hole. 

For your staff events, some humorous awards can be fun to lighten the mood as well, and allow you to include more non-golfers in the prize pool. Give out some prizes for shortest drive, most improved, best swimmer, or most out of bounds. 

When you’re out to impress and mingle with your best (or potential) clients, a branded welcome pack is the perfect way to start. Remember your keen golfers are likely to be particular with their equipment, so ensure all golf balls, and gifts are good quality brands, and practical so they’ll be used.


The Best Hole is By Far the 19th!

Drinks, eats and post-event entertainment is par for the course! Finish off your fantastic day with your presentation ceremony, some good music and a bite to eat, enjoy the laughter and mingling of your guests and make sure you get PLENTY of photos to use as promotional material for your next big match. 

At AMS Promotions our own love of golf, years of event management experience and incredible Golf Day Hostesses are a ‘gimme.’ If you would like a hand planning and staffing your corporate golf day get in touch, we operate nationally and can assist you with everything from the perfect course, to pre-event promotion, planning and execution, so you and your people can relax and enjoy your day!  Happy golfing!

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