Christmas staff smarts: Savvy businesses cash in

Yep, the decorations have appeared…the silly season is upon us. There’s no denying it’s THE hectic time of year.

We’ve got the inside scoop on how those in the events, retail and hospitality sectors are capitalising on all the crazy this Christmas. Don the tinsel and get the cash in the bank.

With an explosion of festive events, retail spending, corporate shindigs, and thousands of shopping centre Santa’s, comes the need for TONS of Christmas staff.

Retailers: Ditching the bargain bin and winning

Our savvy retailers know how to cash in on the Christmas spending craze. We’re seeing a growing number of businesses replacing the bargain bin and heavy discounts, with trained Christmas staff. Promotional Models, Brand Ambassadors and Mascot Performers.

Rather than practically giving away your wares, attract and engage the crowds with the pro’s that know how to command people’s attention. Play some games, give out a few spot prizes, get into the spirit of it. It’s quality over quantity that wins when you have a killer team on your side.

What would your profits look like if you didn’t have to discount?

Venues & Events: Swap over-staffing with quality Christmas staff.

The holiday season is a blur for most in the hospitality game. In a flurry of excitement your venue is full to the brim and your core staff are run off their feet.

The “10 CASUAL JNR’S WANTED” signs go up on the door and you’re sifting through billions of resumes for one who has actually carried a plate (or at least say they have).

For smaller venues it’s a priority to keep staffing costs down, that’s why many are following the lead of the big players, and enlisting an Agency to help with their temporary Christmas staff.

What did I say?

That doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t Agency staff be much more expensive? On the face of it, yes. In reality…no way!

Can you put a price on your venue’s reputation?

This is what they used to do:

  • Put up the ads
  • Sift through the resumes
  • Interview prospects and negotiate terms and offer
  • Sign agreements and set up payroll.
  • Train staff on EVERYTHING
  • Damage-control their mistakes…then train them again
  • Panic when they don’t turn up for their shift and start the process again.

Sound familiar?

This is what they do now:

  • Pick up the phone
  • Request attractive and professional all rounders who will care about their brand
  • Nominate dates and times they’ll be needed
  • Cheer when they arrive motivated with a beaming smile
  • Run them through the brief
  • Get back to managing their business in confidence.

You get the gist of the message. When the world is running around like loons throwing money at you, you need to have the best resources in place to ensure you collect as much as possible, with minimal stress, strain and fuss.

Be prepared for the onslaught. We are.

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