“A Promotional Models Uniform”: Promotional Modeling Tips

A promo models uniform is a huge part of any promotional modeling job. It is the client’s decision how they would like to brand their promotional models, and as such, it is the promotional models job to fully comply with the dress code! Uniforms for promotional models are NOT a matter of debate. If you don’t like it, don’t agree to take the gig.

This “Promo Model Tip of the Day” comes to you from Rae Anne Mauge, national booking manager for the promotional modeling agency “Assist Marketing”:

“If your booking agent has requested that you wear black slacks/dress pants, then you should wear black slacks/dress pants. Contrary to popular belief… black yoga pants, black cropped skinny jeans and black spandex leggings are also not black slacks/dress pants. Black slacks/pants generally require being ironed/pressed, zipped up, buttoned and do not fit like a rubber band around your inner thigh, ankle, and panty line. If your booking agent has requested that you wear black slacks, and the pants you are putting on you would normally be worn to the gym and/or club, then you’re probably wearing the wrong outfit. If yoga pants and/or leggings were an acceptable option, then we clearly would’ve listed that as your apparel options. Most consumers don’t want to know if you’re wearing a thong, grandma panties, tightie whities, or boxers. Have some respect for your professional image and the client that you are representing, and please dress accordingly.”

Source: http://modelmentors.com/promo-models-uniform/