5 Tips For A Successful Office Christmas Event

Decorations are appearing, another year has flown us by and your staff are beginning to feel festive. The office Christmas event will be on everyone’s minds and lips as you wind down 2018 and look forward to the next. As one of our busiest times of year, our amazing staff have contributed to a wide range of dazzling office parties. We’ve comprised our top five tips taken from some of the most creative and memorable end of year parties to help you make this years event a roaring success.

1. Transform the office space

It makes sense to hold your office Christmas event at the office. It’s more economical, convenient and saves time ringing around for quotes. But for staff it can feel a little uninspired. This is their place of work, it can be difficult to switch off, relax and have some fun when your desk is staring at you.

Choosing a creative theme and having the space thoughtfully decorated will help your team switch out of work mode and let their hair down. Fancy dress parties are always a hit (despite how much some might protest). Getting in character helps to relieve tension and provides a fun talking point as guests arrive. Theming your party also aids the catering and entertainment / music direction, making the overall planning a whole lot easier.

Mexican office party theme

Sombreros, ponchos, tacos, nachos and margaritas. Simple, easy, colourful and relaxed with tasty catering that won’t break the bank!

Nautical cruise ship theme

Who doesn’t dream of going on a cruise? Classy white and blue table decorations, hanging fishnets and scattered shells. Cater your cruisy party with oceans of delicious canapes and seafood as guests mingle in their finest.

Schmick black and white masquerade party

Black and white is so easy when it comes to decorating. Invite your guests to choose either black or white attire adorned with their most creative mask. Watch the fun unfold as staff try to work out who has just walked through the door.

2. Cater like a boss

Show your staff how valuable they are by arranging superb catering. You’ve saved on venue hire costs, so hopefully there’s room to splurge on food and beverage. If you’ve themed your event this step will take care of itself! Otherwise it’s a nice exercise to involve the staff in what style of catering they would like. Start a poll with five or six suggestions for your team to cast their vote in the lead up to the event. Ensure your staff aren’t searching for a hot dog when they leave the building. As they say in Mexico… “Barriga llena, corazon contento” – Full stomach, happy heart.


3. Arrange games or entertainment

Break the ice and set the atmosphere with office party games or a show. Get the room giggling with a stand-up comedian or amaze and impress with a magic show. Live entertainment, a DJ or at the very least aptly themed background music is a must. If it’s a fancy-dress party, arrange gift packs or hampers to present to the best dressed. They’ll appreciate the reward for their efforts.

4. Hire promotional and hospitality staff

Please don’t make some of your staff serve the others, and the same goes for yourself. Particularly when there’s alcohol involved, it’s best to arrange professional RSA trained service staff to look out for your team, and your liabilities. Professional promotional staff can help you set up the event, meet and greet guests with a smile on arrival, liaise with the caterers, make announcements, and keep the area clean and tidy. Post event, agency staff can help remove the decorations and debris and get your office space back to normal.

While it seems like a good idea at the time to leave clean up until the next day, sulking in on the weekend with a heavy head to clean is no fun for anyone. Hiring promotional staff allows you and your team to relax and enjoy each other’s company while the pro’s do all the work.

5. Capture the office Christmas event memories!

When you’ve gone to so much effort it’d be a shame not to have great photos of the event. A fun and cost-effective option is to arrange a photo booth. By having a bunch of props nearby you’ll be gifted with some hilarious antics. Even better, a professional photographer will capture those kooky candid moments and stunning smiles of staff enjoying your thoughtful and successful event.

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  • Best Pizza Woodbridge

    Posted 3 years ago

    To make Christmas events more special you can add some entertainment and games as well, besides that you can also arrange the food which is tastier than other food. To make it special you can take the help from a catering company which has extensive experience in this field. As catering companies have well organized plans which all of us can’t organize.

  • Adam Axford

    Posted 3 years ago

    Great article. These are awesome ideas to have fun at the workplace this Christmas. I love these suggestions. Thanks for sharing.